12 novembre 2005


The goal of those pages are not to speak about myself (pointless vanity) but to write down some personal reflections and publish a couple of pictures about Tokyo as a urban experience.

I Love big cities, full of modernity and energy. And it is always a tremendous feeling for me to be in the middle of such a gigantic social organization settle over a wide human-made territory. Same as standing up to Paris Cathedral Notre Dame or Gize Pyramids, I am amazed by tall steel and glass skyscrapers. Because it is just fascinating that people could reach a third dimensional way of moving... and living.

Currently living in Tokyo, i get passionated by this city identity and urban development history. Clean and quite, it is an old spirit/modern building city still under construction which could provide astonishing landscape due to the pandemonium-like urban dynamic.

Thus, those pages will mainly provide buildings landscape pictures and reflections about Tokyo urban way of being. Enjoy !

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